Jason Stiver

I was able to harvest a once in a lifetime buck with Racks N Tracks. Bill will not only take great care of you, but will also do everything he can to get you up close to that deer you always dreamed of. If your looking for a hunt in the state of Indiana look no further. Thanks again Racks N Tracks for exceeding all of my expectations!
– Jason Stiver

Ben Ryan

I want to take a moment to thank Bill Sickafus and Racks N Tracks Outfitters for a fantastic experience during the Novemeber Firearm Season. I was blessed to be able to harvest the largest whitetail of my life (183 7/8) during my second trip to Indiana to hunt with Bill.
– Ben Ryan

Brian Bradshaw

When I booked with Racks N Tracks, this was my second hunting excursion that I set up with an outfitter .By far this trip blew the other outfitter away. I had several stand locations to choose from and all were set with brand new ladder stands and hangons. The outfitter took me out to the stand every day and let me pick the hours that I wanted to hunt. I was lucky to take a “130 class” 8 pt during my trip, the weather was not in my favor for the week but I still saw deer every hunt with several different bucks sighted.
– Brian Bradshaw

Mike Lyons

This was my first year to hunt with Racks N Tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with Bill and really liked my creek bottom setup. I saw a lot of young bucks out chasing does but then on the last day of my hunt a doe being chased by a with buck tall eye guards and split G2 taunted me for 3 hours until she drug him within 20yds and I was able to put an arrow through him. This is one of my nicest bucks so far. My hat goes off to Bill and how he runs his hunts. Great terrain, great time and great hunt. Looking forward to hunting there again.
– Mike Lyons

Howard Sherman

I’ve had the privilege of hunting with Racks N Tracks for 3 seasons with success 2 of 3 times. He has awesome properties, willing to go the extra mile for your success and makes you feel very welcome. My reservations have already been made for the 2015 season. See you then.
– Howard Sherman

Bud Williams

I want to thank you for another great hunt. Your dedication and perseverance in getting me set up for a shooting opportunity was second to none. I held out for a trophy until the last day with your full encouragement. The time and effort you put into property management and stand placement offers a hunter a high probability of success. Keep up the good work, as soon as this weather straightens out I am planning on a varmint hunt with you sometime in March and I can hardly wait until next deer season.
– Bud Williams