Racks N Tracks Outfitters operates on the premise that all hunts are not created equal. This is why owner/operator Bill Sickafus believes it’s his mission to see you have the most successful hunt possible.


Racks N Tracks Whitetail


Come relax at our lodge as you rest up from the days exciting adventures of tracking down that large buck or noisy tom.


Our management team works throughout the entire year, planting food plots, checking trail cameras, and hunting for sheds. All this will ensure we’ve done our job, so you can have the confidence you need while on stand or in a blind.



We consider each hunter as part of our family. We’ve also determined to treat each hunter as such. You’ve made a significant investment and we believe you deserve to be given 100% effort on our part.


Howard Sherman


Racks and Tracks Outfitters offers 100% fair chase whitetail and turkey hunts. Located in North Central Indiana, our operation provides over 3,000 acres of carefully managed hunting properties.



In accordance with the Indiana hunting season, our semi guided archery, firearm and muzzleloader whitetail hunts are available October through December. See Pricing for dates



For those who enjoy the sound of a gobbling tom, our semi guided and spring turkey hunts are available April through May. See Pricing for dates



Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have concerning dates or pricing.